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We're here 24/7/365 for you

Whether it be a cable at 3am or having a hard drive delivered straight to our site for you to collect and install the next day, we are on-hand.

Our skilled and technical engineers will always endeavour to provide exceptional levels of support. We appreciate that the little things can be just as important as the advanced technical consultancy we can provide.

We also monitor more than 15,000 data points of our infrastructure. Monitoring at our site includes:

  • Full system monitoring to NOC
  • Automated self-diagnostics
  • Network status and loadings
  • Individual rack power metering
  • AHU environmental conditions

How we can support you

We understand that its not always convenient to visit the data centre especially when it's for something often seen as a menial task. That's why we cover small maintenance tasks such as: the swap-out of a hard drive, a re-boot of a server or a cable check all for free!

Our team of senior engineers are available to undertake more advanced support. This can include connecting to your rack and carrying our specific tasks as per your detailed instructions, saving you the time and cost to visit the data centre in person.

If you require support of a more complex nature then our advanced engineer team are here to assist. Whether there are major investigations required, or you need in depth trouble shooting support, we can provide the specific expertise to help.

With our loading bays and collections facilities we can assist in managing your deliveries to and from the data centre. We know that timing doesn't always work out as expected so we also provide a limited period of safe, secure storage for your deliveries.

Customer Portal

We endeavour to uphold the high standards of support our clients have come to expect from our team. We manage all support issues with speed and efficiency and ensure our clients are informed of our progress during the life-cycle of the task.

This is why we introduced our customer portal; an efficient way to create and update support tickets and data centre access.

Key Features

Customer Portal
Tickets icon Log, monitor and track support tickets
User icon Add, remove and update users and their access permissions
Lock icon Request temporary site access for users and contractors
Company icon Update any company information changes

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