Remote Hands

Need additional support? Why not let us do the hard work for you.

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We're here 24/7 - 365

Our skilled and technical engineers endeavour to provide exceptional levels of support 24/7 – 365 days a year.

We appreciate that the little things can be just as important as the advanced technical consultancy we can provide. So our Remote Hands are available in 3 easy to understand tiers, meaning you can select the level of service you need, saving you time and money.

Simply raise a ticket with the service you need and our team are on hand to ensure its delivered on-time and to the highest standards.

How does our Remote Hands work?

We offer a set 3 ‘Tier’ approach to our remote hands. We are always happy to support, so if you need something more bespoke, please contact us to discuss.

Delivery man with parcels

Deliveries, Storage & Collections

With our loading bays and collections facilities we can assist in managing your deliveries to and from the data centre. We know that timing doesn’t always work out as expected so we also provide a limited period of safe, secure storage for your deliveries.

What are remote hands?

Remote hands are the ability to use our in-house team to service and run basic testing on your equipment, without having to be on-site. Think of it as your own IT support team, just not in your office!

Are they really free?

So simply put, yes. We offer free remote hands for 99% of our customers to enable them to reduce the need to be physically on-site. Many of our customers take advantage of our more advanced Tier 2 & Tier 3 offering enabling our teams to carry out even more works, remotely. It gives you peace of mind and is often far more cost effective.

Is there anything that can't be done by your team?

There are certain tasks and more bespoke requests that may require more planning or additional resource our side. In these instances, we try our best to be pro-active and understand your requirements so that we can cater for even the most custom of requests.

Who carries out the remote hands?

This is dependant on the request and area it involves. We have our fully in-house NOC team that are equipped to handle all types of Data Centre requests. They are supported by our highly experienced network engineers and our Technical Director for more advanced requests.

How do I request a remote hands service?

It’s simple. Use our custom portal to log a ticket, stating what needs to be done. Our team will be in-touch to ensure we fully understand the requirement and action within our agreed SLA times.

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