What Carriers do you have on-site?

We have BT, Virgin Media, SSE Telecoms and Level 3/Global Crossing on-net. However, over our diverse fibre network we are just 0.32ms away from all of the carriers available in docklands data centres. You can find more information about our connectivity and partners here.

How many internet feeds do I get?

Each rack or lockable section is supplied with 2 diverse internet feeds, each from a different switch on our network.

How resilient is your internet connection?

We offer as standard, fully meshed, multi-homed BGP4, diversely routed connectivity to multiple Tier 1 carriers.

I need backhaul from another data centre?

No problem, over our diverse fibre network we can connect you to almost any facility in the world.

Does your network support IPV6?

Our entire core network has supported IPv6 since 2009 and allows us to offer global IPv6 transit.

Can I announce my own address space using your network?

Yes. We are happy to setup a BGP peering with you, or announce your address space directly for you.

How do I know which connection package is right for me?

If you are uncertain what kind of bandwidth you may require, or see your needs changing in the near future, then we are here to help. Our packages are flexible and can be changed rapidly without the need for a lengthy notice period.

How can I be sure that I'm using my bandwidth effectively?

We provide live traffic graphing to all our clients so that you can view and analyse your bandwidth usage in real time.

How many IPv4 addresses can I have?

Our standard offering is 3 usable IPv4 addresses per client. Further IPv4 addresses are available subject to justification. Please contact our sales team for more information.

How much power can you supply to a rack?

We can supply as little or as much power as you need. Our basic infrastructure is designed to support 64+ Amps (including cooling) but we have the flexibility to provide whatever you want.

What is the difference between 'dual' and 'diverse dual' power feeds?

Many data centres offer dual feeds at the rack, these both come from the same Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), which if it fails means both feeds go down. Custodian offer dual diverse feeds which come from completely separate power chains with their own UPS/Generator/Substation infrastructure. You can find more information on our Dual vs. Diverse whitepaper.

What in-rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) can I use?

Part racks come with dual diverse PDU’s with C13 sockets. For full racks, if you have a preference you can supply your own PDU’s (32 amp commando sockets) or we can supply them.

How many unplanned power outages have you had?

None. But we don’t take that for granted and have an obsessive approach towards monitoring our infrastructure with a view to keeping it that way.

Can I access my equipment 24/7/365?

Yes, as long as you are on the correct access list and have either a driving licence or passport for photo ID, you can get access without prior notice at any time.

Can I have hardware deliveries made straight to Custodian?

Yes, you can. Our delivery procedure is outlined in our welcome pack. We can receive deliveries and will also store your equipment for an initial period free of charge.

Can I unload and park easily?

100%. Both our sites have goods-in access for space to un-load equipment and plenty of on-site parking.

Do you have technical staff on-site 24/7/365?

Yes. We have our own internal NOC Technical team working round the clock to ensure we can support your needs at any time day or night.

Do you offer remote hands?

Yes, all of our data centre contracts include our ‘Basic Remote Hands’ service 24/7/365. This includes reboots, visual checks, Hot Swap Hard Drive changes & cable swaps. Further levels of Remote Hands, right the way through to advanced support are available.

Do you have build rooms?

Of course – we have benches, power, monitors, keyboards & Wi-Fi in our build rooms across both sites.

What other facilities do you have available on-site?

Both our sites offer a wide range of facilities. Please check the specific location you are interested in here or alternatively speak to our member of our team who be happy to arrange a tour.

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