Sustainable digital transformation

July 13th, 2022Operations Team

Sustainable Digital Transformation

The topic of sustainability has never been more important, not just for the data centre industry but for all businesses and sectors. When making strategic business decisions, it’s imperative for ecological impact to be one of the key deciding factors, to take steps towards a greener future.

What is critical – but often overlooked – is the physical environment within which a data centre is located. The Crossways Business Park in Dartford, Kent, where the newest Custodian data centre DA2 is located is a great example. Designed to be a biodiversity-based business park, the park’s location and design offer practical support to tenants’ own environmental initiatives.

Creating a sustainable and biodiverse environment for businesses is a core foundation of the Crossways Business Park. Operational improvements include zero green waste and a strategic plan to move to total electric vehicles, wildlife support with bird and bat boxes, plus continued action to shape the park with wild meadows, orchards, and the re-wilding of the surrounding area.

The synergy between the park’s actions and the stated journey by tenants to reduce their impact on the environment illustrates how businesses and the environment can work in a symbiotic relationship.

A spokesperson from Crossways Management Company explained their approach: “The Crossways Business Park is not just a convenient location for businesses to operate from. What we wanted to create was a new kind of business park, that connected the natural environment with efficient business services. And we seek to actively support the environmental initiatives of the businesses we host where we can. For us, protecting and enhancing the environment of the park is just good business.”

The environmental and business

Not only does the park delivers world-class services to its clients, but it also places ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) at the heart of its strategic development.

As enterprises transition to post-pandemic strategies, ensuring data management services have world-class environmental credentials is vital. Only companies that have considered their environmental impact and have made tangible changes, will lead their industries and sectors.

The park looks for residents that share their environmental values, which is why the partnership with Custodian as the sole network provider for the park works in such unison.

The spokesperson for Crossways Management Company explained why Custodian was the perfect business to join the park: “Custodian stood out as the perfect business partner, aligning with its sustainability goals, providing a low power usage effectiveness (PUE) data centre, powered by renewable energy. The collaboration between our organisations will pave the way for both existing and new occupants to take steps towards becoming greener and more ecologically forward-thinking.”

Empowering data and the environment

Having a sustainable data centre partner in Crossways, provides key ecological, operational, and technological benefits to the owners and occupiers based in the business park. By partnering with a brand that’s equally as eco-conscious, Custodian and Crossways can work together to transform the business park sustainably and raise awareness of Crossways as a premier location for today’s businesses.

The new Dartford data centre, DA2, provides low-latency connectivity, resilient power, and foundational critical infrastructure for local businesses. Integrated into the cutting-edge technology on offer is a highly tuned understanding of the importance of supporting and protecting the environment to meet customer expectations.

DA2 offers a PUE of 1.2, which far exceeds general industry standards. In addition, resilient 2N UPS and on-site substations provide industry-leading levels of resilience, resulting in 100% uptime. DA2 enables MSP and IT Service Providers to connect to their customers via mission-critical data infrastructures that also lead the industry in environmental protection.

Sustainability is now a vital component of every enterprise’s business proposition. With environmental protection, enhancement, and development part of Crossways’ DNA, tenants like Custodian can continue to evolve their sustainability objectives, knowing they have a partner that will support them at every stage of their environmental development. Custodian’s DA2 data centre will be live and operational in Q2 2022.

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