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Custodian U-space is the best option for single servers; or smaller businesses from £23.50 per month.

When you're considering colocation, utilising the advantages of a data centre isn't just a smart move for businesses in need of extensive rack space or an entire data suite, as housing even one server in our singular U-Space modules allows you to experience all of the benefits at the rate that's right for you. If you decide to upscale in the future, we'll be ready to help your business grow.

Regardless of the size of space they're renting, all our clients enjoy the same level of expertise in our state-of-the-art facilities, such as fast and resilient connectivity, generator backed UPS power and SLA guaranteed cutting-edge climate control.

  • 600mm wide x 1000mm deep rack compartment
  • 1Gbps port
  • Free 24/7/365 basic remote hands support, including reboots, cable patching and hot swap hard drive changes
  • Your server will be housed within a rack presented with dual 32 amp power distribution units, with options for diverse feeds via separate UPS systems right back to the transformers, giving a 2N configuration
  • Modern servers typically come with redundant power supplies as standard, so dual A and B power feeds are also available to increase the resilience still further
It's more than just rack space
Let us rack your servers
Rack and Stack service

Our Rack & Stack service gives you the time to do what you're best at: running your business. Leave the physical work and cabling to our skilled technical team who will rack your equipment as you want it, cable it according to your needs and most importantly, keep it tidy to maximise airflow and reduce troubleshooting time.

From a single server to a whole rack, we're more than happy to take the load off you (Literally!). Our staff are manual handling certified, and trained in equipment installation. We ensure all equipment is safely and correctly installed so it not only functions properly, but so those working in the rack are safe.

We can cater to any requirement. From only racking the servers, for you to do the cabling to having us do it all, including custom cables made up to be the perfect length, work without fail and look the part. Fun fact - a messy rack is a hot rack! If you don't keep cabling tidy, hot air gets trapped between the back of the server, and the cables, meaning your servers end up running hotter because of hot air being pushed back in.

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Additional Extras

Custodian's Tech Startup Initiative

Do you qualify for our Tech Startup Initiative?

  • FREE set up and rack space
  • FREE super-fast bandwidth
  • Discounted meeting rooms
  • Technical consultancy & support
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