Half Rack

Our Half Racks include:

  • 23U lockable 600mm wide x 1000mm deep rack compartment
  • 10Mbps CDR of IP Transit on diverse 1Gbps ports
  • Unescorted 24/7/365 access
  • 16 ‘A’ & ‘B’ Diverse IEC power feeds
  • Free basic remote hands
  • /29 IP addresses included
  • Direct connect into Google, AWS and Azure available

We have a team of very talented engineers on site to monitor all aspects of our facility. Apart from free help with your install if required, our service includes free 24/7/365 basic remote hands. This includes reboots, cable patching and hot swap hard drive changes. more detail


Racks are presented with dual 32 amp power distribution units. The power bars in the racks have between 8 and 16 C13 outputs each. These feeds are truly diverse via separate UPS systems right back to the transformers giving a 2N configuration. Half racks are able to draw up to 32 amps. more detail

IP Transit

We can present our own (AS 50300) fully multi-homed BGP IP Transit network to each rack on two, diverse 1Gb ports which run out of separate switches on our network. As a carrier neutral data centre we also present other network providers. more detail


We use cold aisle containment to direct the correct amount of filtered air to your equipment, at the correct temperature 24°C (+/- 2°C) and with the right humidity. Our systems can survive multiple concurrent failures without affecting your equipment. We supply free blanking panels and thermal imaging services to help your equipment perform as efficiently as possible. more detail

Security & Access

Our site and facility are covered by 24/7/365 CCTV and on-site security team. In order to gain access your staff details and access levels are held on our ISO 27001 certified security systems. With the correct access rights, your engineers or contractors can gain access to the facility and your rack space without prior notice 24/7/365. more detail


We can offer sub 0.4ms diverse backhaul circuits into various facilities in London at highly competitive rates (eg £350 for 1Gb). more detail


Interconnects between racks are also at sensible pricing, strangely we like the idea of your business growing within our facility!

In addition to:

  • Free initial storage
  • De-boxing areas and quiet build rooms
  • Free mouse and monitor trolleys
  • Spares on-site for purchase
  • Tools available to loan
  • Meeting rooms available to hire
  • On-site restaurant and vending

The above is our standard offering, however we can work with all our clients to provide bespoke solutions, just ask our team.

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