Our skilled technicians and engineers are on hand day and night to provide an exceptional level of client support.

Basic Remote Hands

We understand that there will be times when you cannot get to the data centre floor to undertake a small maintenance task on your equipment. We can cover the swap-out of a hard drive, a re-boot of a server or a cable check as part of our remote hands support package which is available to all of our colocation clients. If you require a higher level we can offer this at a cost. Requests can only be made by authorised personnel within your organisation, following strict security procedures.

Remote Hands

Our team of senior engineers will undertake more advanced support costed on a per hour or per 15 minute basis, dependent on the time of day that you require the work to be carried out. This can include connecting a keyboard and monitor to a client rack and following a customer's telephone instructions, depending on the level of assistance required.

Advanced Engineer Assistance

If there are major investigations required, the advanced engineer team will estimate the time required to carry out the work, and will regularly update you to keep you informed on their progress. We will not incur costs for our clients without having their full permission to proceed.

Delivery, Storage and Collections

Provided that you inform us in reasonable time, we will assist wherever possible with your deliveries to the data centre and provide a limited period of safe, secure storage as part of our service to you as a client. We use the Job Ticketing procedure to keep track of your equipment, allowing you to be able to retrieve your stored goods efficiently. We will store deliveries free of charge for two weeks, after which time longer storage can be arranged but will be chargeable. Collections of parcels by couriers can be organised with prior notice, following our collection protocol, which is explained to all clients.

Job Ticketing

When you require any level of support we will issue a job ticket with a six figure identification number that acts as your reference until such time as the job is completed. This is used by the team to track the owner and the progress of the work, and is an integral part of the business management system that is used to constantly update and monitor all of the support work being undertaken.

Speed of Response and Communications

We endeavour to deal with any support issues with the best possible speed and efficiency and to keep you informed of our progress during the life-cycle of the job. We will do our utmost to resolve all support issues, to follow up on any associated problems that might be revealed and to put in place systems and procedures to prevent any future recurrence. We will also advise you on best practices should we become aware of any potential problems in set-ups or installations.

Forgotten Something?

If you arrive at the data centre to carry out some work and discover you have forgotten a core component, our support team carry a wide array of spares that can be purchased on-site, alongside their knowledge to help you work around a particular problem to ensure your visit is still productive.

Late Night?

When you find yourself working late and needing some refreshment, our support team can direct you to the nearest pizza delivery service or our on-site coffee and snack vending machines, helping you to keep going for as long as you need to.

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