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Maidstone TV Studios, Kent Thursday April 25th 2019 | 8:30am – 12.00pm
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"Real techies with real experience talking about real stuff, with no agenda to sell something..."
Marc Turner, Head of IT and Talking Tech Attendee

Talking Tech has become the only tech event of its kind in the South East. A newly created forum for senior IT and tech professionals, offering them information sharing capability with each other and industry leading expert debate, all within a "sales-free" environment. No vendors, no sales agenda, just pure discussion, debate and insight into IT and tech.

Since its launch in October 2017, we have held three unique events at the Maidstone TV Studios in Kent, with more than 80 through the door each time, keeping the exclusivity of allowing just the IT community to attend at its core. The FREE event which is organised by Custodian Data Centres has seen popular debate on topics including automation, GDPR, cyber security and tech talent. In April 2019, we return for our fourth event, providing a truly unique panel focused agenda with brilliant speakers and of course, the participants of the event at its forefront.

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April 2019 Speakers
Security and AI Security & AI
Etienne Greeff
CTO & Founder of Secure Data Europe SecureData logo

Rise of the machines: why we have nothing/everything to fear

Talk description: AI based algorithms have proved to be very successful at learning to do very complicated tasks including playing games like Chess, Atari games from the 80's and Go. It is only a matter of time before these same techniques get applied on the offensive side to attack and exploit applications.

On the flip side there are a number of solutions that claim to use AI and ML to defend against those pesky hackers, let alone those persistent computer algorithms. The reality is that the odds are stacked against the defenders with the AI and ML problem more suited to offensive than defensive applications.

This presentation takes a high-level look at the state-of-the-art in machine learning and AI with respect to Application Security examining how these may be used in both offensive and defensive applications. We will examine how clever algorithms including reinforcement learning and math hacks may be used to trivially evade state of the art defensive applications. We also look at what our defensive options are. The presentation finishes by predicting where all this may lead and the impact on application security.

Containerisation and Microservices Containerisation & Microservices
Luke Whiting
Luke Whiting
Senior Software Developer at Brandwatch Brandwatch logo

Managing your Microservices: Bringing order to chaos

Talk description: At Brandwatch, we take more than 30 discreet applications, deploy them to 50 odd servers and keep them all happy, healthy and communicating without needing a massive operations team.

This talk will be of particular interest to people looking at cloud hosted solutions like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) but wanting the control and cost saving that bare metal brings without losing that easy, managed deployment environment.

Luke will also talk a little bit about software defined networking, load balancing and ingress to secure clusters, monitoring and health checking in a multi service environment.

Next event: 25th April 2019 @ Maidstone TV Studios, Kent

This event is exclusive to senior IT professionals only and will remain so moving forward. This event is completely sales-free and we have total discretion on who attends. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.