Response Management Plan

  • Last Update: 19th March 2021
  • By: Technical Director, Robert Williams

Our Latest COVID-19 Management Plan

We wanted to reach out to you with some relevant news and changes to our operating conditions here at Custodian.

All non-essential staff are now working remotely where possible and meetings have been cancelled or moved to electronic interactions only. Inline with our Pandemic planning, we have split our Operations Centre into two active teams operating across isolated locations. Staff are no longer mixing between teams.

We do not anticipate this to have any significant impact on the level of service you receive from us. In addition, please do not attend site if:

  • You have travelled outside the country within the last 2 weeks.
  • You have had contact with someone who has since self-isolated.
  • You feel unwell in any way whatsoever.

To assist you with this, we will be offering extended (FOC) remote hands services to a best-effort level. So if you need something that would usually require a visit, please call us first and we will perform the work for you without charge wherever possible. This is subject to scheduling and availability of course, but we will do our best to assist you for our collective well-being. To further reduce the risk to your staff, we are also providing a drop-off service for the contact-less delivery of hardware by your team for us to install for you. If you require this service please notify the NOC in advance. Our focus remains on service availability at all times and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Please note: face coverings must be worn at all times.

  • Components: Colocation
  • Locations: Maidstone, Byfleet
  • Last Update: 19th March 2021
  • By: Technical Director, Robert Williams

Appointment-Only System

In line with other UK DC Operators and following guidance from the UK Government, we are switching to an appointment-only system for data floor visitors from 6AM this Wednesday 25th. This will enable us to achieve a good level of social distancing, contact surface tracking/cleaning (post-visit) and minimise the risk of cross-contamination between all individuals involved.

Managing the movement of personnel like this greatly improves the controls we can put in place to protect your staff when they are on site, as well as our own team. The new process will operate until further notice and works as follows; If your visit is absolutely essential, please email to arrange a suitable time-slot. We will need you to specify which rack(s) you will be working on and how long you will require access.

The number of concurrent visitors will be limited based on the data floor and area being worked upon. The shared build room areas are closed until further notice. Our contactless sign-in process will continue as it is now and non-booked visitors may be turned away at the gate. Free of charge remote hands is continuing to operate on a best-efforts service level, please consider using this service instead of attending site.

We are still accepting deliveries, they must be pre-booked following our normal delivery process and a contactless drop off specified wherever possible. If you have any questions about any element of this, please contact our team on +44(0)1622 230382. Visitation bookings should be made via only please. We thank you for your understanding during these unprecedented times.

Further steps we are taking & Official Government Advice

As always, we prioritise the health & safety of our staff and customers at Custodian.

Even more so in the current situation we find ourselves in. We have taken the following steps.

Hand Sanitisers – These are located in and around the facility. Notably in reception before entrance to the data centre and at the entrance of all lifts.

Build Room – Extra cleaning of our build rooms and cleaning wipes will be available for customers to use and dispose of correctly.

Handshakes and Greetings – There will be no handshakes or physical greetings ongoing and until further notice.

  • Don't come in if you have any symptoms (cough or fever) and stay at home for at least 7 days.
  • Don't come in if you've been in contact with someone who has been unwell in the past 5 days
  • Don't come in for 14 days if you've returned from anywhere abroad in the past 5 days
  • Remain quarantined if living with someone who has a cough or a temperature - stay at home for 14 days.

In addition to all of the above, the Government has said to keep non-essential travel outside of your home to a minimum. This includes not going to work when remote working is an option and cancelling social events.

How we are cleaning around the facility

In addition to the standard cleaning of the office completed everyday, Additional attention is paid to 'high touch' areas including door handle & panels, desks, keyboards, phones etc. A clinical grade anti bacterial solution with a long residual bactericidal activity is used on the surfaces to protect further (up to 12 hours).

Toilets: clinical grade antibacterial solution is utilized throughout with particular attention to 'high touch' areas.

Kitchen: clinical grade antibacterial solution is utilized throughout and particular attention to 'high touch' kitchen appliances will be focused on in each clean including items such as fridges, dishwashers etc. Every other day a non hazardous, no aerosol anti bacterial spray will be used throughout the office and common areas such as hallways, specifically designed to capture and eliminate airborne bacteria. This will also be used to treat soft upholstery such as employees chairs.

All passes and lanyards are thoroughly cleaned/sterilised before and after each use. The main reception is thoroughly cleaned a minimum of four times throughout the day, including all external doors, turnstiles and intercoms, before being repeated by our evening cleaning team. All high touch points including door handles, push plates, phones and banisters are wiped down every hour or more often, if required.

Our in-house security team are making sure no loitering is taking place in our West Reception (main entrance to the DC) to minimise contact with security and other staff.

Got a question about our response?

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and our team will help where possible. This applies to customers
and those seeking our data centre services in the future.

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