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Secure, productive and flexible virtualisation

Deploy Virtual Machines on our platform hosted in Kent and Surrey and have them directly connected to your rack. Avoid the complexities and expense of Express Route and Direct connect from the public cloud providers by utilising our virtual machines.

What's more, we offer free unlimited data transfers. Our solution is a fixed monthly price based on the specification of Virtual Machine you require, with the comfort that you will not receive unexpected data transfer bills.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine Features

  • Dedicated servers at a lower cost than a physical server
  • Complete isolation and assigned resource, dedicated to you
  • Direct layer 2 connectivity back to your rack via a physical cable
  • No VPN or Express Route/Direct Connect required
  • Hosted VM’s in our Maidstone and Surrey datacentres

Why a Virtual Machine?

  • Offside data replication or backup
  • No data transfer related charges
  • Burst capacity without capital outlay
  • Establish multi-site infrastructure without investment
  • Expand your infrastructure without consuming additional rack space or power
Cloud locations in Kent, Surrey and Reading
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