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Private and dedicated to you, securely

Remove the pressure and strain of building and operating a dedicated highly available infrastructure with a private cloud built and operated by Custodian.

Our private cloud solutions are built to meet your exact requirements from availability and capacity down to the make and model of hardware utilised. The infrastructure is completely private and dedicated to you, with free unlimited data transfers.

Custodian takes care of the underlying management of the platform, leaving you to deploy your workloads to the environment.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Features

  • Free unlimited data transfers
  • Solutions designed, tested and built by our own team of experienced engineers
  • Underlying infrastructure managed by our 24/7/365 technical team
  • Recurring rental model with no capital outlay
  • Located without our award-winning Kent data centre, as well as in our Surrey or Reading data centre

Why a Private Cloud?

  • Where an OPEX model suits your business
  • If you would like the burden of physical infrastructure management taken care of
  • If you require a cloud consumption model, but on a dedicated hardware used by you
  • Compliance requires that you physically can visit and see your private cloud
  • Option to migrate to a hybrid environment over time, merging with public and on-premise
Cloud locations in Kent, Surrey and Reading
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