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Pay for storage as you grow with us

Consume reliable storage services directly via the protocol that suits you within our highly secure, reliable and 24/7/365 managed Maidstone or Surrey, regardless of your rack location.

Our storage is presented to you via a physical cable delivered to you rack. You can select a storage endpoint within the same data centre as your rack, or at a remote site. What's more, we offer free unlimited data transfers.

Cloud Storage

Storage Features

  • Storage endpoint available in Standard (HDD) or Premium (SSD) tier
  • Direct presentation via ISCSI, CIFS or SMBv3
  • No charges for data transfer
  • Available in Maidstone, Surrey or mirrored at both sites
  • Storage within award-winning, highly secure data centre facilities

Why Storage with Custodian?

  • Free unlimited data transfers
  • An endpoint for offsite backup
  • Pay for storage as you grow in an OPEX fashion
  • No capital required to take this product up
  • Burst capacity
Cloud locations in Kent, Surrey and Reading
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