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Powered and cooled in an award-winning facility

Our bare metal offering is ideal for scenarios where you wish to have complete management of your environment down to the hardware itself, but wish to consume that hardware in a commercial model similar to the cloud.

Our bare metal service provides physical servers, storage, switches, routers and firewalls built to your exact specification; powered, racked and cooled leaving the rest up to you. No capital outlay is required and these services are consumed for a fixed monthly price. What's more, we offer free unlimited data transfers.

Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Features

  • Dedicated hardware in an OPEX model to integrate into your infrastructure
  • Total control and access to the hardware in our secure data centres
  • We power and cool the infrastructure, you do the rest
  • As much or as little as you want: servers, storage and networking
  • Physical access to the hardware as if it is your own

Why Bare Metal with Custodian?

  • Free unlimited data transfers
  • Where you would like infrastructure as an OPEX costs
  • Retain management of the entire stack down to hardware level
  • If you require additional physical hardware to integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • Where you would like colocation and hardware provided as a single bill
Cloud locations in Kent, Surrey and Reading
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