What is Cloud Computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

By Alex Breary
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Cloud computing is when you use an external server to access and run your infrastructure using a web-based service. Cloud computing can be divided into two sections that are connected via a network such as the internet. The front end of a cloud system is what the user sees and utilises. It contains the details required to access back end, the ‘cloud’ part of the system, which is in essence where the storage and capacity is to run the application utilised by the user.

The ‘cloud’ in cloud computing is often classified as the networks, storage, services and hardware that unite, in order to supply computer services. Cloud computing is not linked to your hard drive which is known as local storage.

Cloud computing offers many organisations a way to drive forward business efficiencies as well as energy efficiencies and as a means of managing their environmental impact.

There are 3 types of cloud services for businesses:

Saas – Software-as-a-service. This is where a business subscribes to an application that it can access over the internet.

Paas- Platform-as-a-service. In this model businesses are provided with the operating system to enable them to run and create their own applications for use within their organisation.

Iaas, Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This is where companies offer the infrastructure to other companies who can then run their services off the raw computing infrastructure.

Whilst cloud computing offers many advantages to organisations, disadvantages include the fact that access to your stored information becomes controlled by the network operator, such as ISPs, telcos and media operators.

Custodian data centre is a carrier neutral facility and as such enables your organisation to choose the best network provider for your business, thus allowing you to operate cloud services from our data centre at competitive prices.

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