VIDEO: A Day (Night) in the Life of a NOC Engineer!

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VIDEO: A Day (Night) in the Life of a NOC Engineer!

By Alex Breary
man in data centre wearing ear protectors

The data centre never sleeps and nor does a NOC Engineer. It’s a 24/7/365 operation. Customers trust us to power, connect and safeguard their critical IT. We employ dedicated and skilled technical NOC engineers to keep the place running smoothly, working throughout the day and night, covering a wide range of tasks, checks and general maintenance.

Our guys and girls include Raf, our NOC team leader, who has been working at the data centre for some time now. To give our audience a better insight into the data centre and what our team do to keep the place running, we followed Raf around on one of his night shifts.

Below is a video of the night, giving you the chance to see what one of our team gets up to on a regular night shift! For more information on any of the areas Raf covers or discusses in the video, use our website’s search function to find more detail on any of the points. Enjoy!

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