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Tree Planting Initiative

By Alex Breary
woodland grass and trees with wooden boarder bench

Prof Tom Crowther at Swiss University ETH Zurich – “…Tree planting is a climate change solution that doesn’t require President Trump to immediately start believing in climate change, or scientists to come up with technological solutions to draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere”, Crowther said. “It is available now, it is the cheapest one possible and every one of us can get involved. Individuals could make a tangible impact by growing trees themselves, donating to forest restoration organisations and avoiding irresponsible companies…”.

Since opening in 2009, Custodian has prided itself on its green credentials, winning the “Green Data Centre Award” in it’s very first year of operation. Since day one we have strived to do as much as we can to reduce our carbon footprint and as a consequence better our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Next year the team, with expert local guidance, will take to the heart of Kent, starting 2020 as we mean to go on by planting trees on private land owned by the company. We hope this new initiative will not only bring the team closer together but also raise corporate awareness of just how precious our planet is.

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We are passionate about building a sustainable future

Data centres consume incredible amounts of energy, so we wanted to go about things in a different way.

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