Talking Tech September 2018: Thank You!

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Talking Tech September 2018: Thank You!

By Alex Breary
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Talking Tech September: If you had said that one year ago we would have just completed our third Talking Tech event (in under a year), with that level of discussion, debate and enthusiasm, then we would have probably shaken our heads.

Yet again, the tech and IT community of the South East blew us away with our most engaging event to date, with record sign ups and numbers through the doors.

Our morning started with breakfast, networking and of course, some Kent road traffic. Nevertheless, we got everyone in on time and kicked off the morning with Marc Turner’s discussion on the culture of automation and why it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Marc’s focus on the talk was heavily on using people to create automation, not losing them or paying six figure sums for fancy software. After a brilliant talk, Marc was joined by Amanda Grant from Advanced and Simom Kiteley of to discuss Marc’s talk and automation in more detail with our audience. Such engaging debate and lengthy discussion meant we slightly overran into our break.

Marc Turner

Our host, Simon Wood, Associate Director of Holiday Extras, then introduced Mark Barrett of PSTG to discuss Hybrid Cloud: what is, why we need it and how we should go about implementing it, in particular the Hybrid IT model of colocation, public and/or private clouds. This then sparked intriguing debate between our audience and panel members, Mark Swarbrick of Oracle, Darron Rudd of Virtual Tin and Andy Britcliffe of Holiday Extras.

On conclusion: we saw more questions and answers than ever before, with many asked via unfortunately not answered, but discussed post event with our speakers. We saw the topics of AI and Security come up top on people’s wish list for the next event, which is due to be held on April 25th 2018 at the Maidstone Studios.

With more than 200 days to go until the next event, there’s a lot of planning and organisation to get our fourth event right for our attendees yet again. We are open to suggestions on speakers and panelists, so feel free to email us.

You can sign up to the next event (which is free!) today by going to our events page.

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