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Tech Startup Initiative

By Alex Breary
close up of server rack grilled door

We’re excited to announce our Tech Startup Initiative to you all! It’s an initiative we have put together to help the innovators of the ever-growing tech startup industry in the first phase of their business development.

As a data centre, we are proposing that tech startups can use our facilities for free for three months. This includes the rack spacebandwidth and the only thing that has to be paid for is the power used. For Tech Startup’s, setting foundations on a solid, reliable and cost-effective footing will them on the right path for the future. We work with many Tech Startup’s who have grown to become some of our biggest client’s in the past five years and we are now looking for the next great ideas to grow alongside.

Our CEO, Rowland Kinch, had this to say: “Britain’s technology startup sector is really beginning to take off. We want to give ambitious entrepreneurs every chance to succeed.
“Some of our biggest clients today were once a tech startup, growing from a few servers to hundreds across our data floors.

“The tech startup initiative from Custodian will really aim to help these people grow in what can be the make or break era for their business.”

Visit this page to find out more about the Tech Startup Initiative from Custodian Data Centres.

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