News: Custodian upgrades core network backbone to 16Tbps

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News: Custodian upgrades core network backbone to 16Tbps

By Alex Breary
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“Custodian has always been focused on customer requirements. As an out-of-London facility, our connectivity has always been critical to our operations. We have recently seen the demand for 10G and 100G services increase significantly. Now with customers looking towards the next level for their connectivity, increasing our network capacity was paramount to ensuring we meet and exceed the requirements of our customers’ needs both future and present.”

Robert Williams, CTO, Custodian Data Centres

Network and Wavelengths: what’s changed

As one of the few privately owned and operated facilities in the UK, Custodian’s in-house network services are key to its customers.

Custodian is a carrier-neutral site, but also provides its own connectivity solutions via its private dark fibre network. This network connects the Maidstone facility diversely to common London points of presence. It now boasts a capacity increase from 1.6TB/s to 16TB/s with a latency of 0.34ms.

As well as enabling us to expand our core IP Transit and MPLS/VPLS service capacities, our decision to enhance our wavelength portfolio with affordable direct 100G and 400G service offerings has been key to meeting the demands of our data-intensive clients and enables us to provide more cost effective 10GB/s services.

With this new increased capacity Custodian is rapidly becoming the data centre of choice for businesses in the South East and those looking to relocate outside of London.

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