New pioneered automated fuelling system for our generators

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New pioneered automated fuelling system for our generators

By Alex Breary
2 white diesel generators

At Custodian, we like to do things ourselves. It’s an ethos we have an installed from day one. And, approach to pioneered automated fuelling is no different. Knowing how every works through our own development, we are able to amend and fix quickly.

Right from our evaporative cooling system down to bespoke in-house systems, we are a self-built data centre operator in every area that intergrates into a single monitoring system.

Speaking of which, our infrastructure team have been pioneering an automated fuelling system for our generator farms.

Why? Well, we wanted to alert ourselves when the fuel gets low in the generators. So we have reprogrammed one of the digital outputs on the generators to act as a “give me fuel” signal should the diesel ever get low. We are then using the PLC controller to open solenoids and run pumps to server the requests.

It may not seem that special, but we take every aspect of our infrastructure seriously, looking to implement the latest and greatest technology and ideology whenever we can. We place resilience at the core of everything we design, build and manage with failover in every aspect.

Our brand new data centre is coming soon. Find out more.