New generator farm for better control and more power!

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New generator farm for better control and more power!

By Alex Breary
3 white diesel generators with black mesh fencing

Just recently, we have implemented a brand new generator farm at our Kent data centre!

The new farm provides significantly more power than the previous one, enabling us to have failures and still be below 50% load on the remaining sets. The refresh has enabled us to bring the older farm up to date with the new Data Floor 4 plant which we deployed last year. This allows us to benefit from the significantly improved control and monitoring features of the latest DeepSea panels.

Our generators can now automatically refuel from our storage tanks while in service without the need for any engineer attendance. This matters because it reduces the risk of error and avoids taking our engineers away from other duties during a long-term grid supply failure event.

Moving forward with MTU, we are certain they provide an excellent solution for service and support. By standardising on the manufacturer and model, we can now also maintain a common set of spares for all power generation systems.

If you are yet to see our latest generator farm, pop down to our Kent data centre today and enjoy a tour of the facility.

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