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New Cloud Services at Custodian

By Alex Breary
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Custodian is an award-winning colocation facility at heart. We power, cool and connect businesses of all types over the world. We provide 24/7/365 technical support and now, we have even more to offer with out range of UK- based cloud services.

For customers who already have kit with us or for those seeking an OPEX model, our resilient cloud services can now deliver this, as well as connectivity to public cloud giants like AWS, Azure and Google.

So, what do we now offer?

Private Cloud

Our team of cloud experts will help remove the pressure and strain of building and operating a dedicated highly available infrastructure with our Private Cloud solution. This recurring model has no capital outlay and can shape the future of your business, heading your digital transformation. Unlike going with a public cloud model, you’ll know your data is kept safe and dedicated to you in our award-winning data centres.

Why Private Cloud?

  • Where an OPEX model suits your business
  • If you would like the burden of physical infrastructure management taken care of
  • If you require a cloud consumption model, but on a dedicated hardware used by you
  • Compliance requires that you physically can visit and see your private cloud
  • Option to migrate to a hybrid environment over time, merging with public and on-premise

Bare Metal

Give yourself true control with our bare metal offering. If you’re looking to manage your environment down to the hardware itself, but wish to consume this hardware without capital outlay in a cloud fashion. This service provides servers, storage, switches, routers and firewalls built to your exact specification.

Why Bare Metal?

  • Where you would like infrastructure as an OPEX costs
  • Retain management of the entire stack down to hardware level
  • If you require additional physical hardware to integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • Where you would like colocation and hardware provided as a single bill

Virtual Machines

Ideal for customers in our data centre looking to deploy virtual machines on our platform, which can directly connect to their rack. Easily avoid the complexities and expense of Express Route and Direct Connect from major cloud providers through our VMs.  What’s more, this solution is based on a fixed monthly price based on your chosen specification.

Why Virtual Machines?

  • Offside data replication or backup
  • Burst capacity without capital outlay
  • Establish multi-site infrastructure without investment
  • Expand your infrastructure without consuming additional rack space or power


Another highly useful cloud resource for clients who have rack space in our data centre. Our storage solutions are presented to you through physical cable, directly to your rack. Selected a storage endpoint or at a remote site, all presented as ISCSI, CIFS and SMBv3, within our Maidstone or Surrey data centres.

Why Storage?

  • An endpoint for offsite backup
  • Pay for storage as you grow in an OPEX fashion
  • No capital required to take this product up
  • Burst capacity
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