Mojeek: The UK’s largest crawler-based search engine, hosted by Custodian

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Mojeek: The UK’s largest crawler-based search engine, hosted by Custodian

By Alex Breary
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After securing its first ever investment in 2009, crawler-based search engine Mojeek has grown to more than 100 servers at Custodian. This allows the search engine the ability to index 2 billion pages.

Currently indexing more than 1.6 billion pages, Mojeek is the first search engine of its type to a no-tracking privacy policy. Quite simply put, Mojeek does not track its users. This privacy element has always been in the search engine’s DNA and will remain so as they grow.

The search engine now crawls 5 million new pages every day. Such a task requires reliable data centre, something founder Marc Smith found in Custodian. He said, “Building and maintaining a web-scale search engine requires numerous parts to come together, so having a reliable and approachable team and facility like Custodian behind you, only makes that task easier. I really can’t recommend them enough.”

With a 100% power uptime record and green credentials backed up by winning the Green Data Centre award, it seemed a perfect fit for both businesses to work together. Mojeek said, “Originally, we chose Custodian for their location, facilities, and the fact that they were the greenest data centre in the UK, but when we decided to continue our expansion in their new data floor, it was their friendly and supportive staff that sealed it for us.”

Mojeek’s technology is built on the same as Google and Bing’s, crawling and producing their own unique search results since starting up in 2004, “It’s come a long way from a few services in my bedroom. Our vision has always been/is to be the world’s alternative search engine, and providing unique and alternative search results is an important part of this. But, so is housing servers in a UK data centre and in particular one like Custodian that prides itself on their green credentials”

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