ISDN Switch Off – 2025 is not that far away.

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ISDN Switch Off – 2025 is not that far away.

By Amy Young
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The ISDN switch off. In 2025, BT is switching off its traditional phone network meaning ISDN and PSTN lines will no longer work.

As with all technology there is a shelf life. BT are future-proofing communications and making the shift to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This change will mean greater flexibility. Customers will be able to scale up and down faster and benefit from moving their phone number around with them – wherever and whenever they need.  It will also have considerable cost savings for BT as their multiple legacy systems are expensive to run and maintain.

But, are UK businesses prepared?

Recent research from 8×8 indicates that much of the UK is either unprepared or unaware of what’s going on:

  • Three in four businesses are still using ISDN or PBX phone systems
  • 74% of the UK is still using this old technology
  • A third of the UK isn’t aware that it’s being turned off in 2025
  • And, from 2020, you won’t be able to purchase any more ISDN or PSTN systems from BT.

With phased decommissioning due to start next year, now would be the ideal moment to plan your communications move to the cloud. Wrestling new functionality from your old PBX is going to be a costly and unending struggle. You may have heard of next generation on premise converged communication systems but, these can cost millions of pounds. Compared to cloud communications, they’re prohibitively expensive, and lack the agility, functionality, and hassle-free advantages of cloud alternatives.

So, what are the compelling reasons to move your communications to the cloud?

  • Cost benefits – low capex and hardware requirements,
  • Provides a better customer experience – including powerful analytics tools to leverage data in real-time,
  • Provides flexibility and scalability,
  • Offers improved functionality
  • And will help future-proof your business.

Migrating to the cloud isn’t just about being prepared for 2025, it’s an opportunity to transform your business digitally, drive innovation and meet the ever-changing demands of today’s customers.

If you are unprepared or want to find out more about cloud-based communications and the benefits to your business, read our whitepaper “Are you ready for the IDSN Switch off?

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