Why colocation enables cloud: a hybrid solution

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Why colocation enables cloud: a hybrid solution

By Alex Breary
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The hybrid solution: Combining colocation and the cloud means you can viably manage your workloads without the high costs of owning your own datacentre. Allowing the cost of basic infrastructure and operations to run free thanks to colocation in our datacentre means more time for business innovation and growth.

Maintaining compliance in the cloud is also difficult, whereas colocating necessary workloads into our compliant datacentre puts you on the right path to meeting security requirements on your way to the cloud.

What’s more, our fully managed and highly invested network means low-latent connectivity. This gives you speed and it gives you scale. The scale to deploy applications faster and meet your new business demands.

When is Hybrid Cloud Colocation chosen?

  • To meet stringent security and compliance needs
  • Transitioning, for those needing bespoke kit and cloud resources, combined
  • Scalability for businesses with variable workloads

Our components to enable hybrid cloud colocation success


We have been in the colocation business for more than 10 years. Our services are the strong foundation for you to build and expand your business. We have innovated in the industry and pioneered new technologies, winning awards and the trust of some of the most recognisable organisations along the way.

Our datacentre stands by a proud 100% uptime record, ISO 27001 accreditation and first-class support. Our space is diverse, with part racks through to complete 18-24 rack data rooms in our Kent datacentre.


Our vision was always to create a truly carrier agnostic network from our datacentre. A network rich with connectivity options, that is fully managed and highly secure. We are also an ISP with a fully multi-homed IP transit network with gateways to anywhere in the world.

Wherever you invest with us, our low-latent and super-fast connectivity will provide the platform for extending your reach domestically, regionally and internationally.

Cloud Connect

Our Cloud Connect access gives you the hybrid cloud service your business needs. Cloud Connect enables you to build and manage private, high-performance and completely secure connections to multiple clouds on our network.

We will connect you to our cloud network node and guarantee the latency and speed through our SLA. You will need a lot less equipment, meaning less risk of outages and cost-effective solution as you look to grow your business. Interconnect to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many other major cloud providers, as well as a host of private cloud provider’s onsite.

To learn more about our hybrid cloud solutions, contact a member of our sales team on 01622 230382 or get a quote today.

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