“Green” is not just another tick box for Custodian Data Centres

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“Green” is not just another tick box for Custodian Data Centres

By Alex Breary
man in high-vis and hard hat looking at metal ducting

Green building or “sustainable” building has been part of our vision since day one. Such design and construction ultimately maximizes our energy and resource efficiency to ensure that as a data centre, we protect the environment and promote a healthy working place for our staff and clients.

Continental Recognition for our Green Innovation

Our green approach saw us congratulated with the European Green Data Centre of the Year award in just our first year of operation.

It was a feat that was awarded to us for pioneering a fresh-air cooling system that utilises air brought in external and filtered to clean room standards to eliminate contamination, passing into the data centre via a bank of multiple fans.

What’s more, we took our cooling methods that one step further, introducing an evaporative cooling system. In the event that British temperatures soar beyond a set threshold, this system comes online.

Reverse osmosis plant purifies water which the system then uses to produce a very fine mist. Within a large chamber, this moisture is used to raise the humidity of the slow moving air, which passes through, decreasing its temperature. The evaporative system also acts as a room humidifier, and is supported by dual water mains, ensuring that it is resilient against mains failure. This approach is 2N resilient, with completely separate duplicate systems protecting against failure should one element be affected by outage or technical difficulty.

Click the image below to expand our cooling diagram.


Why Waste Electricity

Our innovative approach towards data centre cooling requires a fraction of the electrical infrastructure compared to other traditional data centres.

It is also worth remembering that here in Kent; we spend less than 5% of the year at temperatures above 21 degrees, meaning operators must re-evaluate their consumption requirements.

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