Custodian Joins Independent Data Centre Consortium

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Custodian Joins Independent Data Centre Consortium

By Alex Breary
map of UK with data centre locations indicated in green

As the digital economy grows, the need for a more personal, independent and flexible data centre operator is becoming ever apparent. Businesses across the UK require a more tailored data centre or network solution, something that the bigger players cannot render. This is where Custodian Data Centres and a brand new Data Centre Consortium come into play.

As Kent’s local, independent data centre provider, we have joined forces with a range of other independent data centres across the UK and internationally, in a global effort to give businesses the largest choice of options when it comes to accessing industry-leading services and world-class infrastructure on their doorstep.

The initiative has been set up by UK IT systems company PSTG, gathering data centres from all corners of the British Isles to sign up to the consortium, as well as data centres in Sweden, Hong Kong and Luxemburg. Data centres in the UK include AQL in Leeds, Indectron in Gloucester and Cogeco Peer 1 in Southampton, with more than 20 members joining at this early stage.

Custodian’s Commercial Manager, Leonard Kay, had this to say, “Unlike the larger operators, independent data centres are usually run by teams who are more in touch with their facilities & clients. This results in a much more reliable and focused level of service. By working together, we independents have produced a far more flexible offering for multi-site requirements, with the added DR benefit of commercial separation. The consortium is going to have a significant impact on the data centre industry.”

For more information on the consortium or its members, contact a member of our team today. 

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