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Internet VS. Broadband

By Alex Breary
internet vs broadband

The business case for fast, reliable, resilient commercial internet

When assessing your connectivity needs there are two key questions you should be asking yourself.

  1. Can I afford for my internet to switch off?
  2. Can I afford for my internet to slow down because other businesses might join my connection, or my staff levels or business needs increase?
“Reliable, Fast internet access, a business necessity not a luxury”

With the growth of communications requirements across the globe the demand for faster and more direct internet access is accelerating. Companies are becoming more aware that high grade internet access is a vital component of their strategic portfolio and downtime is not an option if they are to remain a successful and viable business

“Scalability is important”

In addition the volume of data that has to be received and transmitted is growing exponentially year on year. Recent studies conducted on behalf of Google have suggested that Britain is the biggest e-commerce market in the world in per capita terms, with further statistics suggesting that by the end 2015, if the current pattern of growth continues, the digital economy could account for nearly a tenth of the UK economy. Indeed other studies have proven that the quality of internet infrastructure, expenditure and strategic internet usage directly correlates with increased growth in GDP per capita. Thus the ability to expand the capacity of these communication links is an important consideration when deciding which solution to adopt.

“Not all solutions are equal”

Shared broadband connections do not offer this crucial option, even the restricted contention level services. Upload and Download speeds can vary substantially throughout the working day and this ultimately impairs the ability of the business to communicate quickly and efficiently.

“The true solution”

Custodian commercial internet offers an uncontended connection that can be expanded as the business demands grow and offer a guaranteed speed and capacity. Simply put, it gives you control of your company’s vital communications with the rest of the world

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