4 ways leased line connectivity will better your business

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4 ways leased line connectivity will better your business

By Alex Breary
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4 ways leased line: The importance of great connectivity gets more imperative every day. For business’s, it’s even more important that they keep up with the fast-moving modern world we live in. Being able to effectively communicate both externally and internally, reach applications faster, stream content and much more should be at the top of any business’s IT needs. And not just when there is a lull in the day, but at any time of day, your business should be able to fulfill its maximum connectivity like they do any other utility.

Leased lines help make all of this possible. Doing away with the traditional ADSL connectivity could be much more beneficial and cost-effective than you actually think. Here’s four reasons why a fibre leased line will better your business, today:

Move closer to the cloud

Cloud computing has become an essential part of modern business. It places a crucial role in almost all departments and business functions, so being able to access the cloud faster should be at the top of your list. A leased line connection provides this, eliminating fewer delays when accessing your cloud-hosted information.

Capacity and speed

What doesn’t matter? Everyone being online at the same time, that’s what. Whether you’re running your VOIP phone systems, sending large files or accessing you cloud applications; no matter how data exhausting this is, a leased line can handle this. Uncontended internet means your upload speeds will match your download speeds, with network providers like ourselves being able to offer capacity up to 10Gbps.

Managed resilience

In our case we keep you online all of the time. We have a highly sophisticated network (one of the most peered in the UK), which is managed 24/7/365 by a UK-based support team who are on-hand to deal with any very unlikely incidents as they happen. We have 99.99% service availability SLAs in place for our customers. What’s more, many take a second circuit for even greater resilience and protection.

Save money

Slow internet and downtime lead to a huge amount of time (time is money) lost in productivity. For any business suffering with poor connectivity, it’s very likely that you could be losing thousands every year. Leased lines can totally eliminate speed and reliability issues overnight. Your business may also be migrating applications to the cloud, to which a leased line connection will 100% support this. SaaS, VoIP and modern business function simply necessitates quality reliability.

Custodian Data Centres are a business internet provider for Kent and South East businesses. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of leased line connectivity for your business, get a quote online today or contact one of our team on 01622 230382 who will run you through everything you need to know about great connectivity.


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