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Holiday Extras
Head of IT,
Damien Turner

"After spending a large amount of time looking at data centres in and around London, Custodian proved to be a perfect choice for us. They offered an excellent service - giving us 24/7 support, great connectivity, a green data centre and an attentive account manager who understands our needs and us. I very much doubt that you would find this kind of personal service in any other data centre."

Prater Raines
Managing Director,
Tim Prater

"Since working Custodian, the most significant improvement we have benefited from is the level of service. Before with colocation we felt a little bit alone, but with Custodian, it is great to be working with a real team who are flexible enough to provide the support needed when we need it. For anyone looking to use Custodian Data Centres: do so, you will not regret it."
They offered an excellent service,
giving us 24/7 support
Holiday Extras, Head of IT, Damien Turner

Sonia Blizzard

"We were very impressed with Custodian's team, capability and attention to detail in all areas. The detailed tour from them highlighted Custodian's leading use of technology to ensure a highly resilient, secure and efficient data centre space which met all our requirements and exceeded our expectations. The data centre also has a restaurant and meeting rooms which enables us to bring potential customers to see the impressive environment."

Infrastructure Manager,
Neal Blount

"Our last data centre cared about us when we first moved in, but over time, we felt our account became neglected. However, with Custodian Data Centre, they allowed us the ease of expansion within the DC's of both space and bandwidth. They are nearby and have been very easy to work with, being both accommodating and flexible."

The KM Group
Group IT Manager,
David Butler

"We have recently migrated the infrastructure that provides our corporate internet access and runs our web site into Custodian Data Centre in Maidstone Studios away from the London based GS2 facility. The service provided by Custodian has been first class, their technicians and management have been extremely helpful and flexible to our requirements. The connectivity and hosting facilities at Custodian are excellent."

Woodland Group
IT Manager,
Jason Theobald

"It was clear very early on that Custodian could offer excellent connectivity and power as well as a flexible approach to our business needs. These, along with value for money, were the deciding factors. We had an exceptional level of service when moving in - from great communication to coordinate the move, to flexibility. Our business has grown since joining and will continue to do so."
We were very impressed with Custodian's team,
capability and attention to detail
Beaming, Director, Sonia Blizzard

MD and Founder,
Mark Instance

"From day one we were treated as an important customer, regardless of the fact that we had taken some of the smallest amount of space possible. Growing from a quarter rack to seven racks, we are now fully committed to growing the business in the UK and internationally. Custodian will remain at the core of helping us develop our infrastructure."


Director, Chris White

"We found it easy to get things rectified if there is ever a problem. In comparing Custodian to previous suppliers, we now worry far less about downtime than we used to, with Custodian comparing favourably for uptime, cost and location. Overall, they are a professional outfit with first class staff and facilities."