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Business is currently embarking on IT transformation to meet market needs and innovation required for its customers. Long are the days of the in-house server room, with the pressure to digitally transform a business, saving on floor space, shifting kit into a colocation facility and bleeding applications into the cloud.

When it comes to choosing a colocation provider, being overtly enticed by an attractive price can be a mistake. What should be top of your agenda is reliability and flexibility. A data centre with 100% uptime and room to consolidate your existing kit from your in-house data centre.

Colocation in Kent

A phased approach to transforming your IT

From the off, we truly understand your businesses needs with a view to where you need to be in the future. We understand that the lifecycle of your time with us can look different year-by-year. This is why we take a more relaxed, understanding approaching to contractual obligations as a colocation provider.

Total flexibility is built into our proposition. As your business transforms, we can cater your rack space needs as you consolidate kit and move applications to cloud in a hybrid solution. Technology strategies such as virtualisation, hyper-convergence and cloud computing can all deliver massive uncertainties for IT leaders, however, with our flexible colocation, we can help you migrate into these newer technologies within a compliant, reliable and data centre with a human touch.

  • Reduce overall operating costs
  • Reduce your IT footprint
  • A phased approach, contractually
  • Understand which applications work/do not work in the cloud
  • Scale up and down with power and footprint
  • Practical advice and support from our team

Why we work with 300+ businesses

Unlike big multi-national data centre providers, we give our customers more control, flexibility and attention. We are a data centre built on delivering world-class customer service through 24/7/365 support teams and attentive account managers. What's more, we have never had a data centre outage, through some of the industry's most innovative methodologies, as well as having an extensive network that can deliver top-quality global connectivity.

Hybrid cloud solutions

Cloud will be a part of your transformation. At Custodian, we can connect you directly to AWS, Azure and Google with a super-fast, low-latency connection. Allowing you to migrate applications from your colocated infrastructure onsite at our data centre, with complete visibility of your hybrid solution.

Private suites and data rooms

Our new style of data centre includes a series of data rooms made up of 18-24 racks. Should you not need a room, we can offer inexpensive private caged suites. We have more than a 1000+ rack availability, meaning we have more than enough space for your IT footprint, should it need to scale up or down.


Enterprise grade compliance

We are an ISO 27001 certified facility with PCI compliance. Our in-house security teams patrol our ring-fenced facility in a secure site 24/7/365. Photographic, PIN and card combination are all in place for access to the site, along with a plethora of security measures to give us peace of mind your data is secure.

Multiple power options

In a world that demands reliability, we deliver 2N UPS dual path resilience, which means you will never go offline, maintaining our 100% uptime. Our facility is also built for HPC (High Performance Computing), with up to 64 Amps per rack. Perform large-scale projects, speed up innovation – we can facilitate this.

Agile, on-demand network

Our network is rich with connectivity. Built on our equipment, with our staff. We have a dedicated support team to take your data anywhere in the world, with in-house consultants to help built and shape your network, having designed ISP-grade networks for our very own customers in the past.

Environmental innovators

We place "green" and "sustainable building" at our core. Our facility won Green Data Centre of the Year in our first operational year. Both our fresh air cooling systems and evaporative cooling systems really optimise our goal of helping the environment as much as possible, as well as not wasting energy and passive our savings onto our customers.

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