Truly Diverse Power in a Modern Datacentre

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Dual vs Diverse

As the capabilities, designs and technologies used to deliver electrical power to the modern-day data centre rack have constantly evolved; some of the fundamentals have become somewhat blurred. This can inevitably lead to the incorrect provision of services and mistakes in the configuration of equipment. The result of which, is a sub-optimal usage of power resilience and a solution which, when a failure occurs, fails to meet the expectations of the operator. This then results in downtime and loss of key 'mission-critical' services when in reality the impact of the failure was totally avoidable.

This situation is made slightly worse by the wide variety of modern datacentre designs currently available to host your equipment with. Although there are datacentre 'Tier' standards out there, often the implementation used by a facility will not strictly follow the standard; especially when there is a particular market force in place pulling the facility along a certain path.

Efficiency in particular, in both the use of tangible resources (as well as financial ones) results in previously technical keywords like 'Diverse' and terms like N+1, 2N and so on, becoming more commonly used as marketing terms. As such, these terms are now often used to outline generic models by which a data centre aims to operate and no longer guarantee a direct reflection in their actual infrastructure. This is as much an issue for power delivery systems as it is for cooling and connectivity, but this paper will focus specifically on power delivery...

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