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Your guide to connecting to the Cloud

In today's world there is an ever-increasing pressure on organisations to adapt and innovate in order to drive efficiencies, remain competitive and ensure future growth. Businesses are embarking on a journey of digital transformation, augmenting or replacing traditional IT infrastructure with agile cloud services and platforms.

Whether replacing hardware with compute and storage in the cloud, or leveraging Software or Applications as a Service like O365, businesses are realising the cost and resource benefits of the 'IT as a Service' model and the on-demand flexibility it brings to the business.

With a diverse ecosystem of cloud solutions and service providers to choose from, each with their own unique advantages, businesses can utilize an array of services to meet their specific business demands. Hybrid and multi cloud environments make the integration of these services possible and the benefits a reality. However, the success of these environments and their performance relies heavily on connectivity capabilities.

Like every area of technology, connectivity and bandwidth services are evolving. Data centres can offer impressive connectivity capabilities and these are facilitating the move to cloud services. More and more businesses are replacing the traditional on-premises infrastructure in favour of private colocation and public cloud as a hybrid solution...

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