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We operate our own resilient dark fibre network connecting our flagship Maidstone facility to the major communication Points of Presence across London and the South East.

Our network presence enables you to connect to almost anywhere directly from your rack in any of our facilities. Our dark fibre network connected directly to key London Points of Presence with a capacity of 16TB means you can colocate in Kent, yet benefit from the performance and low 0.34ms latency as if you were in London.

Cloud Connectivity

Using our diverse links to cloud providers, we can directly connect you to the major cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Oracle and Google.

Key features:

  • Diverse Dark Fibre ring connected to major communication points of presence
  • Sub second failover between paths
  • Wavelength services and protected layer 2 backhaul services available
  • Built on carrier grade network and optical equipment
  • Diverse interconnects to other carriers to extend reach

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Our network ecosystem

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Backhaul and Wavelengths

Private point to point connectivity to anywhere via our resilient dark fibre.

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Multi-homed, resilient IP transit with diversity in both physical and logical routing.

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Our Data Centres

Award winning UK data centres with flagship Kent facility under an hour from London.

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