Internet Connectivity

Multi-homed & highly resilient

Blended Tier 1 carriers and over 1,000 direct peers

Resilient, high capacity connectivity

We offer internet connectivity services not only from our flagship facility in Kent, but also from our Points of Presence around London, Surrey and Sussex, as well as directly to your premises via dedicated fibre.

Our multi-homed service includes direct connections with multiple Tier 1 Internet Service Providers, as well as over 1,000 direct peerings to other service providers.

We are in the top 5 most peered networks in the UK. Having this volume of peers means you can benefit from ultra-low latency and direct connections to most internet resources.


A diverse, highly peered network with multiple paths helps your business stay online even when other service providers experience problems.

  • High capacity diverse core network
  • Burstable to port speed and billed on 95th percentile
  • Fully IPv6 capable since 2009
  • 1,000+ Direct Peers
  • Multiple Tier 1 carriers

Benefits of 95th Percentile Billing

Our service enables you to consume bandwidth at the maximum the port supports (1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps etc) while our billing is based on the 95th percentile, which is essentially your average rate of throughput. This means you can benefit from the entire capacity of the port when you need it (known as bursting), while only paying for your average usage. The 95th percentile in essence means the top 5% of throughput rate is not billed, this equates to 37 hours a month that you can use the full capacity of the connection, while paying for your just your average usage.

Graph of how our 95th percentile works

We sample your speed every minute of the month.

Which equates to: 43800 samples*

We ignore 5% of the top highest sampled speeds.

Which equates to: 2220 samples*

You pay for the highest speed recorded in the samples left.

*Average. The time sampled adjusts based on the amount of days in a month.

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