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Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation

Following an increasing number of attacks on unsuspecting businesses that have seen their businesses go offline, we have launched a new service giving protection against DDoS attacks.

As your network provider we make sure that these attacks don't affect you if you aren't the target. We have built a number of in-house applications specifically to quickly detect attacks and identify their targets. At the request of the target client or ultimately to protect our own network in a sustained attack we regularly have to 'blackhole' IP's or multiple IP's. This means de-announcing them to the internet to stop the attack. Either way the target client is then unfortunately offline.

DDoS Attacks

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources.

What kinds of business gets attacked?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is any business. Although common targets are gambling or gaming targets, as an example we had a 25Gbps attack on a web site hosted by a client that sold plastic toy soldiers.

The Solution?

DDoS scrubbing services are notoriously expensive & normally cost £1000's of pounds per attack. Upgrading to a larger port is one partial solution, but then you need equipment to deal with the large volume of spoof traffic which again is usually a six figure sum. After a lot of work and testing, we are able to offer a cost effective solution to give you peace of mind.

How does the new service work?

Once you have subscribed to the service, should your company come under a DDoS attack (either detected by our systems or reported by you), we move your network connection behind our mitigation service. The service can withstand attacks up to 800Gbps (the unofficial world record for a DDoS attack is 500Gbps). The service absorbs the large amount of traffic and 'cleans' it. The clean traffic is then delivered to you as normal.

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