Easily connect to your chosen cloud provider directly from your rack in Kent.

Customer demand has driven continued investment into our ever-expanding network at Custodian. Such investment has seen us add several new sites to our “on-net” dark fibre infrastructure, which means we can rapidly deliver new hybrid cloud services to providers in these locations from our Kent data centre facility.

Hybrid cloud puts both your on-premise infrastructure and cloud on the same network. This means Custodian can offer your business the option of having your physical infrastructure hosting sensitive, critical information in Kent, and a cloud connection to host less fundamental resources and applications. This type of service would be best suited to organisations who requirements for security, performance and cost vary.

Businesses have chosen our hybrid cloud solution thanks to our excellent support team who work with you to recommend how to make such a solution work best for your business and ultimately, improve your performance.


  • Direct access to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and other providers
  • High capacity interconnects to various other data centres and interconnections with major global internet exchanges
  • Super-fast bandwidth, resilient and low latency connectivity options
  • Dark fibre, wavelength, MPLS/VPSL and IP transit services

By working with Custodian, you can easily connect to the following providers:

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

Private Cloud Offering

We have a range of private cloud offerings available onsite at our Kent Data Centre. A private cloud can be seen as a more secure option compared to a public cloud service, with higher privacy, cloud bursting and more control being some of the key benefits. If you are one of our clients and offer a private cloud service, do contact us today; likewise for those seeking a private cloud service.

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