Backhaul Circuits & Wavelength Services

High Capacity & Low latency

Private point to point connectivity to anywhere

Backhaul Circuits

Using our own network connected to all major facilities in London via our resilient dark fibre ring and trusted carriers we are able to offer layer 2 connections from your rack to almost anywhere in the world. Supporting speeds from 100Mbps to 100Gbps we are able to connect your business to other data centres seamlessly, as if it was a wired straight from your rack. And, services delivered to our Points of Presence (POPs) via our dark fibre network benefit from automatic failover between paths.

  • QinQ trunking supported
  • Transparent to your equipment
  • Extend your existing network
  • Sub second path failover

Wavelength Services

Our wavelength services are ideal for anyone wanting to reach another location directly with full access to the transport without traversing a provider's core. We offer a range of transparent, low latency, high capacity wavelength services that are fully scalable, with speeds up to 400Gbps and a range of interface options.

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High capacity multi-homed network, super-fast, low-latency connectivity all over the world with no contention.

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Multi-homed, resilient IP transit with diversity in both physical and logical routing.

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