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A dedicated suite to secure your data

Driven by customer demand, we have adapted our approach to data centre provision. Rather than building large data floors, our ongoing development is presented in a series of data suites containing 18-24 racks. As standard these suites contain just two rows of racks however, due to this style of provisioning we can also build out these rooms bespoke to your requirements.

All suites are fully self-contained so whether you need that extra layer of security to satisfy compliance requirements, auditors or investors we can offer a solution to meet your needs.

A secure data room or suite for your business gives you many advantages:

  • Highest Physical Security; manned 24/7/365 by security experts and digital surveillance
  • An extra layer of security, fully customisable allowing for any access control requirements and intrusion detection
  • A contained environment, unaffected by other data centre users, giving you full control
  • Contained fire suppression; fire threats are eradicated with our Argonite suppression system
  • Superior connectivity options; diverse routing, 10Gb waves, dark fibre, Global Gateways, Cloud Connect
  • ISO27001 certified and PCI DSS accredited facilities to satisfy compliance
  • Disaster Recovery options; back up or replication options available at our additional data centre facilities

Custodian: Meeting the needs of the Fintech industry

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Our secure suites and caged rooms are ideal for financial services IT infrastructure. We understand the demands of your highly regulated industry and your drive for 100% availability. And, we understand that one size doesn't fit all, which is why our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements. From banking platforms, payment gateways to cryptocurrency custodians, we have a solution to meet your business requirements.

What's important to your business:


Our data centre is layered concrete construction and protected by layered 2.5m secure meshed steel perimeter fencing to the compound and the facility itself. Full site CCTV coverage is in place and manned by our physical security team 24/7/365. Stringent access controls include: Security controlled gates, turnstiles, single point of entry portal system and robust access control policies.

Additional layered security

Our suites are fully customisable, if you need additional security within your suite itself then we can work with you to build to your security specifications. This can be anything from installing additional internal CCTV and biometric entry systems to ensuring the suites internal structure is aligned to various security ratings such LPS 1175.


Custodian are ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified. Our facilities exceed the physical criteria for requirements 9 and 12 of the PCI DSS compliance framework and we are audit friendly.


Our true 'A'&'B' diverse 2N power feeds and high capacity diverse dark fibre core network ensures your business remains always on and connected.


100% uptime record for power and connectivity* and robust SLAs available.


From free basic remote hands to advanced engineers and consultants, our experienced team are here 24/7 and happy to help if you need them.

*Based on customers with dual power and dual network feeds.
Multi Racks
Multi Racks

Take two or more 45U IT racks within our ISO 27001 certified data centre in Maidstone, Kent. Each coming with dual power and interconnections.

Private Suite/Cage
Private Suite/Cage

A group of 45U IT racks within our data centre, enclosed in purpose built cage with additional secured access for your business only. You can even apply your own branding!

Data Halls
Data Halls

A group of 45U IT racks within our data centre, with additional secured access for your business only. Allow us to advise on all aspects of data centre provisioning.

Data Rooms
Data Rooms

18-24 45U IT racks in our brand new development. A state-of-the-art secured data room for your business like no other in the industry right now.

It's more than just Rack Space

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Our vision was to create one of the greenest data centres in the UK and we achieved it!


Renowned high capacity fully multi-homed network and a whole host of connectivity options.

Secure Suites
Secure Suites

Need something even more secure? A fully self-contained dedicated suite to secure your data.

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It's more than just Colocation

Our Enterprise Cloud is custom built by us for you.

Remove the pressure and strain of building and operating a dedicated highly available infrastructure with a private cloud built and operated by Custodian.

Our private cloud solutions are built to meet your exact requirements from availability and capacity down to the make and model of hardware utilised. The infrastructure is completely private and dedicated to you, with free unlimited data transfers.

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Protect your business from a DDoS attack.

DDoS attacks are anticipated to double to 14.5 million by 2022 and like you, we don't want your business to be one of those affected.

Our DDoS Mitigation Service uses a combination of best of breed technologies to withstand attacks up 1.8Tbs.

A reliable yet cost-effective solution to protect your business.

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Block level storage, pay as your business grows.

Consume reliable storage services directly via the protocol that suits you within our highly secure, reliable and 24/7/365 managed Maidstone or Surrey data centres.

Our storage is presented to you via a physical cable delivered directlky to you rack. You can select a storage endpoint within the same data centre as your rack, or at a remote site. What's more, we offer free unlimited data transfers.

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Custodian Support

We endeavour to deal with any support issues with the best possible speed and efficiency. We will keep you informed of our progress during the life-cycle of the job.

We have staff like Ash, one of our Service Delivery Managers, on hand to resolve support issues and to follow up on any associated problems that might be revealed. Ash and all of our Support team have worked to put in place systems and procedures to prevent further recurrence of an issue. He'll happily advise you on best practices should we become aware of any potential problems in set-ups or installations.

Find out more about our on-site support.


Not found the right fit yet?

Quarter Rack
Quarter Rack

Rack Space: 10U lockable 600mm wide x 1000mm deep rack compartment

Power: 8 Amp (1.84kW) 'A'&'B' Diverse IEC power feeds (2N)

Half Rack
Half Rack

Rack Space: 22U lockable 600mm wide x 1000mm deep rack compartment

Power: 16 Amp (3.68kW) 'A'&'B' Diverse IEC power feeds (2N)

Full Rack
Full Rack

Rack Space: 45U lockable 600mm wide x 1000mm deep rack compartment

Power: 32 (7.36kW) Amp 'A'&'B' Diverse IEC power feeds (2N)

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