Our Green Story - The Road to an Energy Efficient Data Centre

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Data centres consume incredible amounts of energy, so we wanted to go about things in a different way.

As a data centre, we've built the environment into our core from day one. We have designed our infrastructure and processes to minimise impact on our natural resources, thus optimising our efficiencies and achieving unprecedented levels of energy conservation within our industry.

Through our radical fresh-air cooling system, which won us Green Data Centre of the Year in its first year of operation, and evaporative cooling systems, our PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) regularly drops below 1.2, meaning that for every 1kW used to power equipment hosted in the data centre, we use 0.2kW of power to operate all related areas of infrastructure, such as cooling, lighting etc.

Rosette We use five times less energy per kW of IT load than the average data centre.

Our Evaporative Cooling

Custodian operates a revolutionary evaporative cooling system, completely negating the need for mechanical cooling, providing a positive impact for both the company's efficiency and the wider environment.

For 100% of the year, the data centre utilises fresh air cooling, brought in from outside and filtered to clean room standards to eliminate contamination, passing into the data centre via a bank of multiple fans. In the event that British temperatures soar beyond a set threshold, the evaporative system comes online.

A reverse osmosis plant purifies water which the system then uses to produce a very fine mist. Within a large chamber, this moisture is used to raise the humidity of the slow-moving air which passes through, decreasing its temperature. The evaporative system also acts as a room humidifier, and is supported by dual water mains, ensuring that it is resilient against mains failure. This approach is 2N resilient, with completely separate duplicate systems protecting against failure should one element be affected by outage or technical difficulty.

Live PUE graph

PUE - Power Usage Effectiveness

In addition to our power capabilities, Custodian Data Centre also operates at impressive annualised PUE levels, which are consistently lower than 1.2. We operate real-time monitoring of our PUE, which enables us to ensure that our data centre is always operating at its optimum functionality. Our worst case scenario for PUE operating levels is 1.46, when we run closed-loop on full chilling. At the other end of the scale, and during cooler months in particular, our PUE can be regularly as low as 1.11.

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