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Why We Were Born

Our story started more than 10 years ago, when we began independently building our own network and data centre in Maidstone. It was a business proposition built on the vision of providing Kent with an industry leading data centre service and a super-fast, low-latency network with international prowess. A vision that was created due to a demand for a truly reliable, multi-homed and managed network, within a facility that had unrivalled uptime.

The data centre a few years ago

Award-Winning Innovations

Green building or "sustainable" building is an approach we have taken since day one. Such design and construction maximizes our energy and resource efficiency to ensure we protect the environment and ultimately, promote a healthy working place for our staff and our clients. Our green approach won us the European Green Data Centre of the Year award in our first year of operation. This award was given to us for pioneering a fresh air-cooling system that utilises air brought in externally and filtered to clean room standards to eliminate contamination, passing into the data centre via a bank of multiple fans.

Our cooling system

A New Era of Data Centre

Customer demand meant continued expansion. What's more, our latest expansion gave us a chance to take a new approach to data centre provision. Rather than building large data floors, our newest development launched in 2016 is presented in a series of data rooms, with between 18-24 racks in each. These rooms contain just two rows of racks with a single cold aisle and two hot aisles. The main advantages of this include an extra security layer, contained cooling environment, contained fire suppression and inexpensive private cage options.

One of our advanced data rooms
Meet the Team
Robert Williams


Technical Director

Robert started Custodian after selling an IT consultancy company he started in 2003 which offered (amongst other services) hosting and managed service solutions. Robert realised that there was a 'better' way of providing Datacentre services than what was currently on offer and appreciated the gap in the market for a forward-thinking and innovative hosting facility...

Leonard Kay


Commercial Manager

Has been with Custodian since the first data floor was launched in 2009. He believes that although it's a technical industry, it is still about people, trust and meeting the needs of clients. Len believes that behind every one of those anonymous black server racks in our data centres is a story, people and usually a fascinating business...

Ash Scott


Service Delivery Manager

Ash is often called on by our clients to help bridge the gap between commercial and technical. Starting out as a NOC engineer at the firm, Ash now helps clients set up in the data centre, ensuring their kit integrates smoothly. You can also catch Ash on our YouTube channel giving some brilliant technical explanations on hot topics...



NOC Engineer

Hannah is new to the industry and completely passionate about tech. Joining as a trainee NOC engineer, Hannah is now part of our 24/7/365 tech support team. You'll find Hannah running remote hands for clients and undertaking general technical tests to ensure our services run smoothly, keeping up our 100% uptime record…