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Do you qualify for our Tech Startup initiative?

At Custodian, we recognise innovation. It's something we place at our core. The Tech Startup industry in Britain is booming and we want to help ambitious entrepreneurs succeed in today's world. That's why we have launched an initiative to help Tech Startups launch their business through FREE and discounted server hosting at our data centre. The first months and years of a business can be the hardest financially. We want to give your business every change to succeed. Here is what we are proposing:

  • FREE set-up of your IT infrastructure in our data centre
  • FREE server hosting space for the first three months
  • Discounted space the next three months after
  • Discounted bandwidth and free technical consultancy
  • Hosted data centre tours for you and your clients
  • Meeting rooms available for hire
  • GDPR advice from our compliance team
Colocation in Kent
Our Tech Startup Initiative

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