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Custodian vs. In-House

The benefit of running your own server room is that your servers are close to your own office location, however, did you know you could save money and have greater resilience in a data centre? Reductions in operational expenditure and the ability to focus your IT team on your core business, means that data centres offer organisations the ability to maximise the potential within their businesses. Custodian specialises in data centre and network services, so you don't have to.

Our service includes: six 47U dual power feed racks, 100Mbps CDR (burstable to 1Gb), free instant access to authorised personnel, 24/7 free remote hands, build rooms, storage and more. How does your solution stack up? The underneath figures are an approximation of what companies often spend - however they don't always deliver the full solution.

Custodian Data Centres
Your In-House Server Room
100% power uptime record
Fully diverse & redundant power supplies
Diverse & resilient cooling
Diverse & resilient connectivity
24/7/365 free remote hands & fast response times
24/7/365 security & technical staff
24/7/365 instant access
24/7/365 on-site infrastructure and monitoring
Unlimited bandwidth connectivity
Multiple on-site connectivity carriers
European "Green Data Centre" award winners
ISO 27001 certification
On-site fuel reserves & priority refueling contracts
Dedicated storage & build rooms
Unlimited scalability

* Pricing can vary depending on location and connectivity requirements

Award Winners for Pioneering
a Fresh Air Cooling System

For 100% of the year, our data centre utilises fresh air-cooling. We bring the air in externally and filter it to clean room standards to eliminate contamination, cooling it when required utilising the evaporative drop created when changing a liquid to a gas, then passing into the data centre through a bank of multiple redundant fans. Mechanical cooling also requires many moving parts and systems to come together faultlessly, whereas evaporative technology has almost no moving parts, so much less opportunity to fail. Such technology saw us awarded the Green Data Centre of the Year in just our first year of operation.


Does your power solution, as well as the raw cost also include diverse power feeds and distribution paths, with dual generator systems that can be re-fuelled whilst in operation as well as on-site fuel reserves? Do you have diverse cooling systems, with UPS support in place? Who is monitoring your power and battery levels 24/7? Do you have a 100% uptime solution?


Do you have diverse internet connections that enter the building at different points to ensure true resilience? Do you have on-site NOC engineers monitoring traffic flow constantly to ensure ports don't become saturated and remain on? Is your connection fast, uncontended and secure? Custodian provide 1Gb ports as standard which can link to our 6Tb core network or carrier of your choice.

Maintenance Costs

From the periodic necessary replacement of UPS batteries, to the maintenance and testing of UPS systems, cooling and chiller solutions, generator and fire suppression systems, to pest control, the hidden costs of sustaining your infrastructure to optimal levels can be surprising.

Cost Of Space

For companies which rent space or those with their own premises looking to expand, an internal comms room takes up valuable floor space which could be used for other purposes. Is your server room able to accommodate growth? Additionally, if your servers are not located in your main place of business, downtime is no longer a concern if you decide to move premises.

What else does Custodian's colocation solution provide?

Cost Savings

Moving from a comms or server room to a data centre is an opportunity to invest in better equipment and state-of-the-art servers. This can enable your IT team to explore options such as virtualisation and condense the amount of racks required, leading to even more reduced costs than a like for like 6 rack comparison.

Design, Infrastructure and Resilience

Custodian means that we can offer exceptional SLAs, plus with comprehensive disaster recovery options, including multiple site solutions, we can give you complete peace of mind.

Security and Compliance

24/7/365 Multi-layered security ranging from on-site physical personnel operating within perimeter fencing to infra-red CCTV and motion detector systems to photographic, PIN and card systems. Custodian has the ability to adhere to government security classifications and is ISO 27001 certified, one of the most rigorous international standards for system and physical security processes.

Environmental Efficiencies

Data storage and management is power hungry however Custodian, as opposed to in-house server rooms, is more energy efficient and therefore enables organisations to store and manage data in an environmentally aware facility. Our award winning cooling system ensures that per kW of load, we use four times less energy than other organisations. Companies who move their servers from in-house server rooms typically save 90% on their own carbon emissions.

Location and On-site Facilities

A Kent based company with British directors, we are located at the optimal distance from a major city, thus benefitting from all the advantages of a London data centre, plus having attractive power capabilities and the security of being away from centrally targeted terrorist activity – something that many audits now require. We also have the ability to take full advantage of the capital's infrastructure without the premium costs associated with it. The site also benefits from free ample secure parking, meeting and conference rooms, on-site restaurant, storage and build rooms and the option to locate your whole office on our site. Bringing your clients to our state-of-the-art facility can help you win business - we are even happy to conduct tours for you.

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