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Data security is in the spotlight and for good reason. Our data whether it's PPI regulated by GDPR or your business-critical data is the lifeblood of most organisations and we need to protect it even when it's no longer needed. It is simply not enough to erase, reformat or wipe old hard drives. Whilst your physical hard drive is still intact, your business and your customers may still be vulnerable.

Our data destruction service eliminates this risk for you. Our carefully selected partner has over 20 years' experience in disposing and recycling IT hardware safely, ethically and securely and are accredited by the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance (ADISA).

The benefits to your business:

  • Protection for your business and customers
  • Adherence to GDPR best practices
  • Conformity to WEEE directive
  • Certificated for audit purposes
  • Free up office storage space
  • Peace of mind that your data is unrecoverable

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How to protect your business

DDoS Mitigation icon
DDoS Mitigation

Keep your business online even when under attack, withstand attacks of more than 1.8Tbs if needed.

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Stay ahead of the cybercriminals and protect your business-critical data with comprehensive testing.

Vulnerability Scanning icon
Vulnerability Scanning

Protect your business-critical applications and data with our automated IP scanning and detection service.

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