We offer a wide range of high-throughput managed firewall solutions, using either hardware (dedicated) and software (shared or dedicated) security appliances. These devices are managed by our experienced team of engineers and are customised to suit your specific requirements.

Pair of Dedicated Virtual Instances

A dual-homed virtualised pair of software-based firewall instances, dedicated to you with reserved CPU and RAM resources. Each instance is hosted on a hardware platform with a minimum of 2 x 2Gb port channels into our core network at separate locations. This is ideal where private VPNs are required, or you wish to have access to the firewall software itself, for logging, monitoring or management).

Shared Virtual Instance

Our shared instances are still dual-homed across two separate physical hosts, but as they are shared the access to them is restricted to our engineers only. These solutions offer a cost-effective means of delivering a highly-secure managed firewall with a standard set of security features.

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