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Workplace recovery suites

Disaster recovery may not just affect your I.T infrastructure, as should the worst happen, you may also be left without usable premises from which to operate. To keep your business running in times of emergency, Custodian offers office space from which your team can work and implement your recovery strategy, with desk space, telecommunications and access to your backed-up data in our fully-furnished and highly connected flagship location in Kent. If your usual workplace is unavailable or interrupted for any reason, Custodian can accommodate you with:

  • Desk and chair positions per person
  • VoIP phones and DDI's
  • 50Mbps synchronous internet connection
  • Direct port to client rack positions in data centre (if applicable)
  • Multi-function printer/fax
  • Free on-site parking
  • On-site restaurant and vending
  • Access to meeting rooms at an hourly rate
  • On-site shower and changing facilities

With up to 30 areas available for take up, pre-booking your workplace recovery space with Custodian can also help with insurance compliance. Contention for places is 10:1, with one client accepted per postcode.

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