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Benefit from High Performance Computing

Based in the heart of Kent, Custodian has access to exceptional levels of power often unavailable in major cities. We simultaneously boast a network with the connectivity to link you anywhere in the world. Such connections to all major data centres in London have sub 1ms latency. With the addition of one of the largest satellite farms in the South East, our connectivity options are varied, fast and direct.

  • Perform large-scale research projects
  • Speed up innovation for commercial success
  • Optimise research impact, maximise production and delivery processes
  • Develop and analyse large data sets
  • Extensive modelling and redesign capabilities for a variety of products
  • Enable university-business collaboration
High performance computing
Custodian is pleased to be working with University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) on a number of collaborative projects. The ULCC provides services across the UK to over 300 institutions and works with both the academic and not-for-profit sectors. With access to the Janet network, Custodian and ULCC can provide educational institutions with over 18 million end users working in education and research.
HPC includes
  • Public sector connectivity
  • High density capacity and performance - with 64 amps available as standard, we can cater for a range of requirements both higher and lower.
  • Extreme resilience - with multiple 32 Amp feeds, our circuits give full resilience with full failover capabilities.
  • Multitude of connectivity options - being carrier agnostic and owning our own satellite dish farm means we can facilitate diverse routing, a fully managed network or IP Transit.
  • Customer service guarantees - not only do we provide outstanding professional and technical support, our SLAs will give you complete peace of mind.
  • Green credentials - our 'Green Data Centre' award is just factor that make us one of the leaders in green computing. Per kW of load, we use five times less energy than the average data centre.
  • With ample secure parking, meeting and conference rooms available for hire, on-site restaurant, build room and the opportunity to locate your office with us, we are fast becoming the centre of choice for those working with high performance computing.
  • The computations are endless in terms of how HPC can be deployed and utilised across the globe. From science, mathematics, telecommunications and financial operations, to creative industries, construction and supply chain management, high performance computing can analyse and handle the minutiae that standard computers cannot.
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