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A new era of data centre

Driven by customer demand, we have expanded, developing a new approach to data centre provision. Rather than building large data floors, our new development is presented in a series of data rooms containing 18-24 racks. These rooms contain just two rows of racks with a single cold aisle and two hot aisles. Taking a data room or suite for your business gives you various advantages:

  • An extra layer of security, whether it belongs entirely to you or a number of colocation clients; access is limited to only those in that room
  • A contained environment, unaffected by other rows of racks and their airflows, a room or suite is easier to control at its optimum environmental level
  • Contained fire suppression; a fire threat in any individual room can be dealt with by our argonite suppression without effect on other rooms
  • Inexpensive cage options for those who cannot justify taking an entire room. No rack footprints are lost, making this a cheaper privately secured area

Multi Racks

Take two or more 45U IT racks within our ISO 27001 certified data centre in Maidstone, Kent. Each coming with dual power and interconnections.

Private Suite/Cage

A group of 45U IT racks within our data centre, enclosed in purpose built cage with additional secured access for your business only. You can even apply your own branding!

Data Halls

A group of 45U IT racks within our data centre, with additional secured access for your business only. Allow us to advise on all aspects of data centre provisioning.

Data Rooms

18-24 45U IT racks in our brand new development. A state-of-the-art secured data room for your business like no other in the industry right now.

Custodian Data Centres
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