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Dual Stage Argonite Fire Suppression System.

Our state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression system incorporates both detection and suppression equipment. This includes monitoring below raised floors and in-ceiling voids. Our detection operates on a molecular level meaning that suppression is swift. An Argon/Nitrogen mix deploys in seconds and eliminates the ability for combustion to take place, all without the need to shut down power so that all normally functioning equipment therefore remains completely unaffected. Argon and Nitrogen are naturally occurring gases, which are present in the air we breathe.

The principle of suppression is to increase the Nitrogen and Argon content of the protected space, which reduces the oxygen volume to prevent combustion – but at a safe level to sustain human life. Typical oxygen levels following a discharge are 12% – 15% and there is no residue left to clean up.

  • Reduces oxygen to non-combustible levels, whilst safe for humans
  • Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm (VESDA)
  • Environmentally friendly natural Argon/Nitrogen mix
  • Our data centre exceeds required gas 'sink' time by over 600%

All fire systems are linked to our sophisticated central BMS which reacts to the initial 'first-stage' detection by starting our water chillers, sealing off the room by closing dampers while disabling our fresh-air cooling. If the fire is confirmed by a second detection then the gas is deployed and the room remains sealed. Our data centre rooms are tested using a room integrity test to ensure that the rooms have no leaks that the gas can escape through, ensuring that when the gas is deployed it works effectively and efficiently.

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