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We are proud of our facility for many reasons. One of them being that we completely designed and built it from the ground up, with our own people. The quality of our facility truly reflects the in-house mechanical and electrical team we have developed since we launched.

Our team is made up of some of the hardest working tradespeople and some of the brightest leaders in the industry. All with the common goal of making Custodian Data Centres one of the truly innovative facilities in the world.

Our in-house M&E are employed to innovate, improve and constantly scale our data centre every day. From our evaporative cooling technologies, to creating bespoke rack space solutions to fit our varied business's needs. We have always understood that the business of colocation and data centre space is never a one size fits all solution.


Putting passion into action

Meet Danny, Darren and Calum. Three of our 10+ strong M&E team, made up of builders, plumbers, electricians, plant operatives and infrastructure leaders. All of whom play a pivotal role in moving Custodian forward.

At Custodian, we like to do things ourselves. It is not a money saving ploy, for us, we believe in understanding how everything works. We want to design and build everything with resilience in mind, so we are able to amend and fix quickly if needed.

Meet everyone else behind the data centre.

Our M&E team

Award Winners for Pioneering
a Fresh Air Cooling System

For 100% of the year, our data centre utilises fresh air-cooling. We bring the air in externally and filter it to clean room standards to eliminate contamination, cooling it when required utilising the evaporative drop created when changing a liquid to a gas, then passing into the data centre through a bank of multiple redundant fans. Mechanical cooling also requires many moving parts and systems to come together faultlessly, whereas evaporative technology has almost no moving parts, so much less opportunity to fail. Such technology saw us awarded the Green Data Centre of the Year in just our first year of operation.

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